Partnership Approach

We tailor recommendations to suit your individual requirements.

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A “one-stop” solution for all your financial needs.

Partnership Approach

Before you buy any financial product we make sure;
You understand, want and can afford it.

Initial Meeting

An initial meeting with an experienced adviser, will capture a “Financial Picture” of your current financial position.

We consider an overall strategy for your financial needs and objectives, taking into account your short, medium and long terms plans.

High Level / Touch

You want to fully “engage” with us for all your financial/lifestyle needs.

Low Level / Touch

You require us to monitor your financial planning in a non intensive way. To optimise value for money from the services we provide.

Pay as You Go

You want us to provide advice for a specific current or anticipated future need.


Personal Investment Planning

Meet with a financial adviser for a Personal Financial Assessment. Capture a “Financial Picture” of your current financial position. Help you understand your objectives and prioritise accordingly. Personal Investment Planning deals with the full range of financial services providing you with a wider viewpoint.

We come to an agreement with you to create an achievable financial plan that lets you enjoy the present whilst safeguarding your future.

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 Retirement Planning  Income and Family Protection  The Core Service


Our Advisers

Provide sensible, jargon free advice on the following areas:

  •  Property investment / Buy to let
  • Pre and post retirement planning using the appropriate contracts where required e.g. Stakeholder/Personal Pensions, Self-Invested Personal Pensions (SIPPs), Drawdown and the vast array of Annuity strategies.
  • Protection in the event of death/ earlier critical illness/loss of income, for individuals, companies and their employees e.g Keyperson/ Shareholder cover, Death in Service.
  • Work place retirement planning to include Group Pensions, Auto Enrolement and Occupational schemes.
  • Tax efficient Saving and investing for future needs to include e.g. further education.
  • Private Medical and Long Term Care provision.
  • Inheritance Tax mitigation and advice on trusts.
  • Liaising with other professionals with regard to Wills / Power of Attorneys / Bookkeeping.
  • Thinking about buying a house? Mortgages, Equity Release, Re-mortgages

What We Do

PIP : Personal Investment Planning Ltd was formed in 1998 with the clear aim of providing clients with proper financial advice and therefore financial peace of mind.

We have over 50 years of experience in advising and guiding clients. Providing a bespoke service dependant on our clients’ needs, without being intrusive.

As Financial Advisers our aim is to bring you the most comprehensive source of financial advice and information in the UK. Matched by excellent standards of service and expertise, delivered with honesty and integrity

We adopt a partnership approach working with you. Our objective is to tailor our recommendations to suit your individual requirements and provide a “one-stop” solution for all your financial needs, now and throughout your lives.