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Partnership Approach

Before you buy any financial product we make sure;
You understand, want and can afford it.

Initial Meeting

An initial meeting with an experienced adviser, will capture a “Financial Picture” of your current financial position.

We consider an overall strategy for your financial needs and objectives, taking into account your short, medium and long terms plans.

High Level / Touch

You want to fully “engage” with us for all your financial/lifestyle needs.

Low Level / Touch

You require us to monitor your financial planning in a non intensive way. To optimise value for money from the services we provide.

Pay as You Go

You want us to provide advice for a specific current or anticipated future need.


Inheritance Tax

Did you know that IHT / Inheritance Tax is known as the 'Voluntary Tax'?

The reason being, that with proper professional advice, you could legally reduce your IHT tax liability to the tune of tens or hundreds of thousands of pounds, or even eliminate your IHT liability altogether.
Even though they say Tax doesn't have to be taxing,… in the majority of cases, it is.

IHT is usually paid on the value of an estate when someone dies.  IHT can also be due on certain gifts during someone’s lifetime and on certain trusts. 

The government, through Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC), levy a 40% tax on the value of an estate above the current tax-free threshold of £325,000.


The value of an estate is calculated by adding up all the assets of an estate, such as a house, investments, money and all other possessions. Outstanding debts are then deducted to complete the estate valuation.

What IHT would be due on your estate

Value of Estate IHT payable to HMRC
£500,000 £70,000
£750,000 £170,000
£1 million £270,000
£1.5 million £475,000
£3 million £1.07 million
£5 million £1.87 million


Many people don`t believe their estates could be subject to IHT, however, it is surprising how easily estates can exceed the nil rate threshold.

Take a minute and calculate what your estate could be worth.

Remember to take into account any life insurance policies that may have paid out, and these will probably be included, and remember if you are employed there may well be death in service benefits which may have to be added.
Why not chat with us and get to understand the options you have to pay,  reduce or eliminate entirely your potential IHT liability