Partnership Approach

We tailor recommendations to suit your individual requirements.

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A “one-stop” solution for all your financial needs.

Partnership Approach

Before you buy any financial product we make sure;
You understand, want and can afford it.

Initial Meeting

An initial meeting with an experienced adviser, will capture a “Financial Picture” of your current financial position.

We consider an overall strategy for your financial needs and objectives, taking into account your short, medium and long terms plans.

High Level / Touch

You want to fully “engage” with us for all your financial/lifestyle needs.

Low Level / Touch

You require us to monitor your financial planning in a non intensive way. To optimise value for money from the services we provide.

Pay as You Go

You want us to provide advice for a specific current or anticipated future need.


Savings and Investments

Earning money is hard enough and saving it can be even harder. But what about when you want to invest some?? Before anyone even thinks about investing  their hard earned or possibly inherited or gifted cash, they need to ask themselves the 5” W questions”

  • Why am I investing? would I be better paying off inefficient debts and what am I trying to achieve?
  • Who am I investing this for…myself or someone else, or even the tax man therefore is it tax efficient?
  • What amount should I invest? What amount of risk am I prepared to take? What amount of capital can I afford to lose? What amount should I keep accessible for everyday use and emergencies?
  • Where should I invest my money? In what institution or what geographical location, and what type of asset i.e. cash, government bonds, stocks and shares,
  • When should I invest? now a good or bad time…should I invest over a period of time or all at once

We pride ourselves in not producing nasty surprises…. we strive to under promise and over deliver

We are not investment gurus….we can`t tell you to invest in the likes of commercial property or European equities…we won`t tell you when to “get into Gold”…or” out of commodities”…Many so called advisers have tried to kid both themselves and their clients that they have the knowhow, expertise and research capability, to give meaningful investment advice which will actually produce returns.

We know clients don`t care how well their investment has done “compared with the sector average”…what’s important is has it grown in value and /or produced the required level of income.
We also know clients are increasingly looking for certainty….they are looking for certainty that their cash won't fall in value at all, or at least may only fall by a certain agreed amount.

To that end we use recognised, proven, independently assessed investment managers, and even they don`t get it right all the time!. We leave it to them to choose where and how much exposure clients should have, depending on their risk and capacity for loss…and we leave it to the experts to regularly rebalance, to attempt to achieve real returns…and we also try to keep things a simple as possible, keeping technical jargon to a minimum.

Contact us for a proper review of your finances to get the full financial picture before you make your savings and investments.  Look at our CORE SERVICE to see how we go about this.